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Wednesday Coed 3's League

We play rain or shine!  Check the website at 4PM on game day to see if games are still on.  If games are cancelled the Game On!  will be changed to indicate the game is cancelled.

PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME!  If you are late and forfeit a game, you will have money subtracted from your forfeit deposit. Games start at the posted time.  If you want to practice, show up 15 minutes early. 

Play Order
Team 1 VS Team 3
Team 2 VS Team 3
Team 2 VS Team 1

Wednesday, August 23rd (Playoffs Day 3)
Time Court 1Court 2Court 3
8:15pmRepeat final if necessary--

Wednesday, August 16th (Playoffs Day 2)
Time Court 1Court 2Court 3

Wednesday, August 9th (Playoffs Day 1)
Time Court 1Court 2Court 3

Final rankings for playoffs:
1st - McProPete
2nd - GAH!
3rd - Team Name
4th - Do you dig it?
5th - Clash Royalty
6th - Set Bombs
7th - Couche Tard
8th - Silicon Volley
10th - Jet Setters
11th - Block Party
12th - Setsy Scientists
13th - Sir Hits A Lot
14th - Dream Sets
15th - One Hit Wonders

Wednesday, August 2nd (Round 11)
TimeTierCourt Team 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM11McProPeteDo you dig it?GAH!
6 PM22Couche TardClash RoyaltyTeam Name
8 PM33Set BombsJet SettersSilicon Volley
8 PM41Block PartyCCIS GEESE POLICESir Hits A Lot
8 PM52Dream SetsOne Hit WondersSetsy Scientists

Wednesday, July 26th (Round 10)
TimeTierCourt Team 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM41Silicon VolleyDream SetsCCIS GEESE POLICE
6 PM52Sir Hits A LotSetsy ScientistsOne Hit Wonders
8 PM13Do you dig it?McProPeteCouche Tard
8 PM21GAH!Clash RoyaltySet Bombs
8 PM32Team NameBlock PartyJet Setters

Wednesday, July 19th (Round 9)
TimeTierCourt Team 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM11McProPeteGAH!Do you dig it?
6 PM22Clash RoyaltyTeam NameCouche Tard
8 PM33Silicon VolleySet BombsBlock Party
8 PM41Jet SettersSir Hits A LotDream Sets
8 PM52CCIS GEESE POLICESetsy ScientistsOne Hit Wonders

Wednesday, July 12th (Round 8)
TimeTierCourt Team 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM41CCIS GEESE POLICEBlock PartySir Hits A Lot
6 PM52Dream SetsSetsy ScientistsOne Hit Wonders
8 PM13McProPeteClash RoyaltyGAH!
8 PM21Team NameDo you dig it?Silicon Volley
8 PM32Set BombsCouche TardJet Setters

Wednesday, July 5th (Round 7)
TimeTierCourt Team 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM11McProPeteTeam NameClash Royalty
6 PM22Do you dig it?GAH!Set Bombs
8 PM33Couche TardCCIS GEESE POLICESilicon Volley
8 PM41Jet SettersBlock PartyDream Sets
8 PM52Sir Hits A LotOne Hit WondersSetsy Scientists

Wednesday, June 28th (Round 6)
TimeTierCourt Team 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM41Silicon VolleyBlock PartySir Hits A Lot
6 PM52Setsy ScientistsDream SetsOne Hit Wonders
8 PM13Team NameMcProPeteDo you dig it?
8 PM21GAH!Clash RoyaltyCouche Tard
8 PM32Set BombsCCIS GEESE POLICEJet Setters

Wednesday, June 21st (Round 5)
TimeTierCourt Team 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM11GAH!McProPeteTeam Name
6 PM22Do you dig it?Set BombsClash Royalty
8 PM33Couche TardSilicon VolleyCCIS GEESE POLICE
8 PM41Block PartyJet SettersSetsy Scientists
8 PM52Dream SetsOne Hit WondersSir Hits A Lot

Wednesday, June 14th (Round 4)
TimeTierCourt Team 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM31Clash RoyaltyBlock PartySilicon Volley
6 PM42Jet SettersCCIS GEESE POLICEDream Sets
6 PM53One Hit WondersZucchinisSetsy Scientists
8 PM11McProPeteGAH!Do you dig it?
8 PM22Couche TardTeam NameSet Bombs

Wednesday, June 7th (Round 3) 
TimeTierCourt Team 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM11McProPeteCouche TardGAH!
6 PM22Team NameDo you dig it?Clash Royalty
8 PM31Set BombsJet SettersBlock Party
8 PM42Silicon VolleyCCIS GEESE POLICEDream Sets

Wednesday, May 31st (Round 2) - May 24th Cancelled Due to Weather
TimeTierCourt Team 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM31Silicon VolleyJet SettersClash Royalty
6 PM42Block PartyCCIS GEESE POLICEDream Sets
8 PM11MacProPeteCouche TardTeam Name
8 PM22Do you dig it?Set BombsGAH!

Wednesday, May 17th (Round 1)
TimeTierCourt Team 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM11MacProPeteCouche TardDo you dig it?
6 PM22Set BombsTeam NameSilicon Valley
8 PM31Block PartyGAH!Jet Setters
8 PM42CCIS GEESE POLICEDream SetsSingles Team

*Round one seeding was by random draw due to this being the first year of Garneau Coed 3s!

Wednesday, May 10th (Welcome Night)
Drop-in anytime after 6PM to pay any outstanding fees, ask questions, get to know the teams and play on the courts.
Team Name Captain
Team Name Robert Cichowska
GAH!  Henry Lau
Set Bombs Luca Bavaro
Jet Setters Hillary Flesher
Dream Sets Andrew Deagnon
McProPete Olivier Prophete 
Do you dig it? Lyndon Gyürék
Block Party Danielle Schultze
Couche Tard Patricia Dargis
Silicon Volley Julia Vlasenko
Singles Team
Setsy Scientists
One Hit Wonders
Sir Hits A Lot
Heather Lindstrom
Aruna Augustine
Taylor Rubin
Danica Young