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Wednesday Coed 3's League

Registration is open REGISTER HERE.

We play rain or shine!  Check the website at 4PM on game day to see if games are still on.  If games are cancelled the Game On!  will be changed to indicate the game is cancelled.

PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME!  If you are late and forfeit a game, you will have money subtracted from your forfeit deposit. Games start at the posted time.  If you want to practice, show up 15 minutes early. 

Play Order
Team 1 VS Team 3
Team 2 VS Team 3
Team 2 VS Team 1

Wednesday, July 25th (Round 11)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM11Sorry WilsonPerra/TylerTune Squad
6 PM22Clash RoyaltySetsy BeachesPurple Cobras
8 PM31Jet SettersDo you dig it?TBD
8 PM42Upside Down TurtlesFresh PrintsKinky Sets
8 PM53GEESE POLICESet-See BeachesOrville Ready Blocker

Wednesday, July 18th (Round 10)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM31Purple CobrasUpside Down TurtlesDo you dig it?
6 PM53Setsy BeachesKinky SetsOrville Ready Blocker
8 PM11Sorry WilsonPerra/TylerClash Royalty
8 PM22Setsy BeachesJet SettersTune Squad

Wednesday, July 11th (Round 9)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM11Perra/TylerSorry WilsonSetsy Beaches
6 PM22Clash RoyaltyPurple CobrasJet Setters
8 PM31Fresh PrintsUpside Down TurtlesTune Squad
8 PM42GEESE POLICEDo you dig it?Set-See Beaches
8 PM53Kinky SetsOrville Ready BlockerTBD

Wednesday, July 4th (Round 8)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM31Jet SettersUpside Down TurtlesGEESE POLICE
6 PM42Do you dig it?Tune Squad Kinky Sets
6 PM53Set-See BeachesOrville Ready BlockerTBD
8 PM11Perra/TylerSorry WilsonClash Royalty
8 PM22Setsy BeachesFresh PrintsPurple Cobras

Wednesday, June 27th (Round 7)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM11Sorry WilsonSetsy BeachesPerra/Tyler
6 PM22Clash RoyaltyFresh PrintsJet Setters
8 PM31Do you dig it?Purple CobrasUpside Down Turtles
8 PM42Set-See BeachesTune SquadGEESE POLICE
8 PM53Orville Ready BlockerKinky SetsTBD

Wednesday, June 20th (Round 6)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM31Jet SettersPurple CobrasSet-See Beaches
6 PM42Tune SquadOrville Ready BlockerUpside Down Turtles
8 PM11Clash RoyaltySetsy BeachesSorry Wilson
8 PM22Do you dig it?Fresh PrintsPerra/Tyler

Wednesday, June 13th (Round 5)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM11Setsy BeachesClash RoyaltyDo you dig it?
6 PM22Sorry WilsonJet SettersFresh Prints
6 PM31Perra/TylerTune SquadPurple Cobras
8 PM42Kinky SetsSet-see BeachesOrville Ready Blocker
8 PM53Upside Down TurtlesGEESE POLICETBD

Wednesday, June 6th (Round 4)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM41Upside Down TurtlesPurple CobrasSet-See Beaches
6 PM52GEESE POLICEOrville Ready BlockerTBD
8 PM11Clash RoyaltySetsy BeachesSorry Wilson
8 PM22Do you dig it?Jet SettersPerra/Tyler
8 PM33Tune SquadKinky SetsFresh Prints

Wednesday, May 30th (Round 3)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM11Do you dig it?Setsy BeachesClash Royalty
6 PM22Jet SettersSorry WilsonTune Squad
8 PM31Upside Down TurtlesKinky SetsPerra/Tyler
8 PM42GEESE POLICEPurple CobrasFresh Prints
8 PM53Orville Ready BlockerAnsari/KaramiSet-See Beaches

Wednesday, May 23rd (Round 2)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM41Orville Ready-BlockerPurple CobrasPerra/Tyler
6 PM52Set-See BeachesFresh PrintsAnsari/Karami
8 PM13Do you dig it?Setsy BeachesJet Setters
8 PM21Clash RoyaltyUpside Down TurtlesSorry Wilson
8 PM32GEESE POLICEKinky SetsTune Squad

Wednesday, May 16th (Round 1)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM11Do you dig it?Clash RoyaltySetsy Beaches
6 PM22GEESE POLICEJet SettersUpside Down Turtles
6 PM33Sorry WilsonKinky SetsOrville Ready-Blocker
8 PM41Set-see Beaches!Purple CobrasTune Squad
8 PM52Perra/TylerFresh PrintsAnsari/Karami

nesday, May 9th (Welcome Night)

Drop-in anytime after 6:00pm to pay any outstanding fees, ask questions, get to know the teams and play on the courts.

Team Name Captain
Do You Dig It? Lyndon Gyurek
Clash Royalty Heather Lindstrom
Jet Setters Hillary Flesher
Upside Down Turtles Julia Vlasenko
Setsy Beaches Jonathan Jespersen
Sorry Wilson Rebecca Rubuliak
Kinky Sets Jay Weyland
Orville Ready-Blocker Jana Boehm
Set-see Beaches! Samantha Wong
Purple Cobras Brett Smythe
Tune Squad Jordan Glavina
Perra/Tyler Micheal Perra
Fresh Prints Joshua Jones