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Thursday Coed Reverse 2's League

We play rain or shine!  Check the website at 4PM on game day to see if games are still on.  If games are cancelled the Game On!  will be changed to indicate the game is cancelled.

PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME!  If you are late and forfeit a game, you will have money subtracted from your forfeit deposit. Games start at the posted time.  If you want to practice, show up 15 minutes early. 

Play Order
Team 1 VS Team 3
Team 2 VS Team 3
Team 2 VS Team 1

Thursday, May 24th (Round 2)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM41Schip Fur BrainsSomething CoolScreaming Chickens
6 PM52BrentShamwowHaz Beans
6 PM63Mark and LoriChen/GoldenPotatoes
8 PM11Granny ShotKe$haDJ
8 PM22Big Daddy Gav & LindsPassholesNarin
8 PM33Beauty and the BeastSTAKA BRONEThe Blue Blondes

Thursday, May 17th (Round 1)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM11Big Daddy Gav & LindsKe$haGranny Shot
6 PM22DJBeauty and the BeastPassholes
6 PM33STAKA BRONENarinSchip Fur Brains
8 PM41BrentSomething CoolThe Blue Blondes
8 PM52ShamwowThe Screaming ChickensMark and Lori
8 PM63Chen/GoldenPotatoesHaz Beanz

Thursday, May 10th (Welcome Night)

Drop-in anytime after 6PM to pay any outstanding fees, ask questions, get to know the teams and play on the courts.
Team Name Captain
Ke$ha Kenny Dickie
DJ Jae-Lyn Visscher
The Screaming Chickens Cher Tsang
Shamwow Josh Monds
Passholes Heidi Mouris
Narin Nathan Stolte
Chen/Golden Amanda Chen
STAKA BRONE Roberto Gallardo
Beauty and the Beast Nathan Dorval
Brent Brent Pawluk
Mark and Lori Mark Hughes
Granny Shot Vania Gamache
Ship Fur Brains Fran Furman
Big Daddy Gav & Linds Gavin Little
Something Cool Ana Catuneanu
Kathryn Johnson
Haz Beanz Jay Olmstead
The Blue Blondes Lora Jol