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Tuesday Mens 2's League

We play rain or shine!  Check the website at 4PM on game day to see if games are still on.  If games are cancelled the Game On!  will be changed to indicate the game is cancelled.

PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME!  If you are late and forfeit a game, you will have money subtracted from your forfeit deposit. Games start at the posted time.  If you want to practice, show up 15 minutes early. 

Playoff Seeding
Tier A:
A1: The Champs²
A2: Peister/Mohler
A3: Haight/Miller
A4: Smash Bros
A5: Iverson/Schmaus
A6: Wong/Schneck

Tier B:
B1: Wadellerbeck
B2: Calf Day
B3: Spikings
B4: Adam/Henkelmann
B5: Dickie/Strutt
B6: Jenny from the Block

Tier C:
C1: Scorch
C3: Team Honu
C4: Rocket Fist
C5: Sets on the Beach
C6: 2 old

*All playoff matches are best of three sets (21/21/15 - no cap)
Teams are allowed one 30 second timeout per set and the technical.

Tuesday, August 28th (Playoffs Day 3)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Game Number
6:00 PMA1Smash BrosIverson/Schmaus8A
6:00 PMB2Winner 5BWinner 6B8B
6:00 PM-3--Warm Up Court
6:45 PMA1Loser 7AWinner 8A9A
6:45 PMB2Loser 7BWinner 8B9B
6:45 PM-3--Warm Up Court
7:30 PMA1Winner 7AWinner 9A10A
7:30 PMB2Winner 7BWinner 9B10B
7:30 PM-3--Warm Up Court

Tuesday, August 21st (Playoffs Day 2)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Game Number
6:00 PMB1SpikingsWadellerbeck5B
6:00 PMC2Sets on the BeachTeam Honu5C
6:00 PMC3Rocket Fist2 old6C
6:45 PMB1Calf DayDickie/Strutt6B
6:45 PMC2ScorchIDFC7C
6:45 PMC3Winner 5CWinner 6C8C
7:30 PMB1Jenny from the BlockAdam/Henklemann7B
7:30 PMA2The Champs²Haight/Miller7A
7:30 PMC3Loser 7CWinner 8C9C
8:15 PMA1Iverson/SchmausWong/Schneck5A
8:15 PMA2Smash BrosPeister/Mohler6A
8:15 PMC3Winner 7CWinner 9C10C

Tuesday, August 14th (Playoffs Day 1)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Game Number
6:00 PMA1Smash BrosIverson/Schmaus1A
6:00 PMA2Haight/MillerWong/Schneck2A
6:00 PMB3Adam/HenkelmannDickie/Strutt1B
6:45 PMA1The Champs²Iverson/Schmaus3A
6:45 PMA2Peister/MohlerHaight/Miller4A
6:45 PMB3WadellerbeckAdam/Henkelmann3B
7:30 PMB1SpikingsJenny from the Block2B
7:30 PMC2Rocket FistSets on the Beach1C
7:30 PMC3Team Honu2 old2C
8:15 PMB1Calf DayJenny from the Block4B
8:15 PMC2ScorchSets on the Beach3C
8:15 PMC3IDFC2 old4C

Tuesday, August 7th (Round 12) - LOCK IN
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
5:30 PM41ScorchDickie/StruttSpikings
5:30 PM52Jenny from the BlockIDFCRocket Fist
5:30 PM632 oldSets on the BeachTeam Honu
7:30 PM11The Champs²Smash BrosPeister/Mohler
7:30 PM22Haight/MillerIverson/SchmausWadellerbeck
7:30 PM33Calf DayAdam/HenkelmannWong/Schneck

Tuesday, July 31st (Round 11) 
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM11Smash BrosHaight/MillerThe Champs²
6 PM22Peister/MohlerCalf DayIverson/Schmaus
6 PM33ScorchAdam/HenkelmannWadellerbeck
8 PM41Wong/SchneckJenny from the BlockDickie/Strutt
8 PM52Spikings2 oldIDFC
8 PM63Sets on the BeachRocket Fist
Team Honu

Tuesday, July 24th (Round 10) 
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM41SpikingsWadellerbeckJenny from the Block
6 PM52Dickie/Strutt2 oldSets on the Beach
6 PM63IDFCRocket FistTeam Honu
8 PM11Peister/MohlerSmash BrosHaight/Miller
8 PM22The Champs²ScorchCalf Day
8 PM33Wong/SchneckIverson/SchmausAdam/Henkelmenn

Tuesday, July 17th (Round 9) 
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM11Smash BrosThe Champs²Peister/Mohler
6 PM22ScorchWong/SchneckHaight/Miller
6 PM33Iverson/SchmausSpikingsCalf Day
8 PM41Dickie/StruttAdam/HenkelmannWadellerbeck
8 PM52Jenny from the Block2 oldIDFC
8 PM63Sets on the BeachRocket FistTeam Honu

Tuesday, July 10th (Round 8) - July 3rd RAIN OUT
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM41Adam/HenkelmannCalf DayIDFC
6 PM52WadellerbeckSets on the Beach2 old
6 PM63Jenny from the BlockRocket FistTeam Honu
8 PM11ScorchSmash BrosThe Champs²
8 PM22Iverson/SchmausPeister/MohlerWong/Schneck
8 PM33Haight/MillerDickie/StruttSpikings

Tuesday, June 26th (Round 7)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM11ScorchSmash BrosIverson/Schmaus
6 PM22Peister/MohlerThe Champs²Haight/Miller
6 PM33Adam/HenkelmannDickie/StruttWong/Schneck
8 PM41WadellerbeckCalf DaySpikings
8 PM52IDFCSets on the BeachJenny from the Block
8 PM632 oldRocket FistTeam Honu

Tuesday, June 19th (Round 6)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM41IDFCWong/SchneckCalf Day
6 PM522 oldSpikingsSets on the Beach
6 PM63Jenny from the BlockRocket FistTeam Honu
8 PM11Peister/MohlerScorchSmash Bros
8 PM22The Champs²Adam/HenkelmannIverson/Schmaus
8 PM33WadellerbeckDickie/StruttHaight/Miller

Tuesday, June 12th (Round 5)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM11The Champs²ScorchPeister/Mohler
6 PM22Smash BrosWadellerbeckAdam/Henkelmann
6 PM33Dickie/StruttIverson/SchmausIDFC
8 PM41Wong/Schneck2 oldHaight/Miller
8 PM52SpikingsJenny from the BlockCalf Day
8 PM63Sets on the BeachRocket FistTeam Honu

Tuesday, June 5th (Round 4)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM41IDFC2 oldSpikings
6 PM52Jenny from the blockSets on the BeachHaight/Miller
6 PM63Rocket FistTeam HonuCalf Day
8 PM11The Champs²Smash BrosScorch
8 PM22Dickie/StruttWaddellerbeckPeister/Mohler
8 PM33Wong/SchneckIverson/SchmausAdam/Henkelmann

Tuesday, May 29th (Round 3)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM11Dickie/StruttThe Champs²Smash Bros
6 PM22ScorchWadellerbeckWong/Schneck
6 PM33IDFCIverson/SchmausPeister/Mohler
8 PM412 oldJenny from the BlockAdam/Henkelmann
8 PM52Rocket FistSets on the BeachSpikings
8 PM63Team HonuCalf DayHaight/Miller

Tuesday, May 22nd (Round 2)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM41Jenny from the BlockRocket FistPeister/Mohler
6 PM52Team HonuSets on the BeachAdam/Henkelmann
6 PM63Calf DaySpikingsHaight/Miller
8 PM11The Champs²ScorchDickie/Strutt
8 PM22Smash BrosWadellerbeckIDFC
8 PM33Wong/Schneck2 oldIverson/Schmaus

Tuesday, May 15th (Round 1)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM11The Champs²Smash BrosScorch
6 PM22Dickie/StruttWong/SchneckWadellerbeck
6 PM33Jenny from the Block2 oldIDFC
8 PM41Rocket FistTeam HonuIverson/Schmaus
8 PM52Peister/MohlerCalf DaySets on the Beach
8 PM63Haight/MillerAdam/HenkelmannSpikings

Tuesday, May 8th (Welcome Night)
Drop-in anytime after 6PM to pay any outstanding fees, ask questions, get to know the teams and play on the courts.
Team Name Captain
Dickie/Strutt Kenny Dickie
The Champs² Gavin Little
Wong/Schneck Steven Wong
Wadellerbeck Jared Ellerbeck
Jenny from the Block Simon Babish
Rocket FistRobert Piotrkowski
Iverson/Schmaus Andrew Schmaus
Peister/Mohler Sean Peister
Scorch Nathan Dorval
Calf Day Paul Kuhse
2 old Brent Pawluk
Team Honu Mark Hughes
Smash Bros Duncan McDonald
Sets on the Beach Leon Yuen
IDFC John Waroway
Haight/Miller Thomas Haight
Adam/Henkelmann Justin Adam
Spikings Andrew Kaliel