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Sunday Coed 2's League

We play rain or shine!  Check the website at 4PM on game day to see if games are still on.  If games are cancelled the Game On!  will be changed to indicate the game is cancelled.

PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME!  If you are late and forfeit a game, you will have money subtracted from your forfeit deposit. Games start at the posted time.  If you want to practice, show up 15 minutes early. 

Play Order
The first three weeks will be pool play where each team will get the opportunity to play every team once. Matches will be two sets to 21, cap at 21, switch at 7s. If the score is tied after both sets an additional point will need to be played to determine the winner and scores should then be recorded as follows for example: 21-15 16-21.

The following weeks will be tiered play (same style as our other leagues) with the final three weeks being playoffs. The play order for tiered play will be as follows:

Play Order
Team 1 VS Team 3
Team 2 VS Team 3
Team 2 VS Team 1

Playoff Seeding
Tier A:
A1: Granny Shot 2.0
A2: Sets on the Beach
A3: Safe Sets
A4: No Diggity
A5: The M&M Show
A6: Sandstorm

*Playoffs will be double elimination. All games are best of three sets 21-21-15 no cap. One timeout per team per set is allowed.

Sunday, September 9th (Playoffs Day 2)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Game Number
6:00 PMA1Winner Game 3Winner Game 47
6:45 PMA1Loser Game 7Winner Game 89
7:30 PMA1Winner Game 7Winner Game 910

Sunday, September 2nd (Playoffs Day 1)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Game Number
6:00 PMA1No DiggityThe M&M Show1
6:00 PMA2Safe SetsSandstorm2
6:00 PM-3--Warm Up Court
6:45 PMA1Granny Shot 2.0Winner Game 13
6:45 PMA2Loser Game 2Loser Game 35
6:45 PMA3Loser Game 1Loser Game 46
7:30 PMA1Sets on the BeachWinner Game 24
7:30 PMA2Winner Game 5Winner Game 68
7:30 PM-3--Warm Up Court

Sunday, August 26th (Round 6)
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM11No DiggityGranny Shot 2.0Sandstorm
6 PM22Sets on the BeachThe M&M ShowSafe Sets

Sunday, August 19th (Round 5) - August 12th Rainout
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM11Granny ShotNo DiggitySets on the Beach
6 PM22SandstormThe M&M ShowSafe Sets

Sunday, July 29th (Round 4) 
TimeTierCourtTeam 1Team 2Team 3
6 PM11Granny ShotNo DiggitySandstorm
6 PM22The M&M ShowSafe SetsSets on the Beach

Sunday, July 22nd (Round 3)
TimeCourtTeam 1Team 2
6 PM1The M&M ShowNo Diggity
6 PM2Sets on the BeachSandstorm
6 PM3--
7 PM1SandstormGranny Shot 2.0
7 PM2Safe SetsNo Diggity
7 PM3--

Sunday, July 15th (Round 2)
TimeCourtTeam 1Team 2
6 PM1The M&M ShowSandstorm
6 PM2Sets on the BeachNo Diggity
6 PM3Safe SetsGranny Shot 2.0
7 PM1The M&M ShowSafe Sets
7 PM2Sets on the BeachGranny Shot 2.0
7 PM3--

Sunday, July 8th (Round 1)
TimeCourtTeam 1Team 2
6 PM1The M&M ShowGranny Shot 2.0
6 PM2Sets on the BeachSafe Sets
6 PM3No DiggitySandstorm
7 PM1The M&M ShowSets on the Beach
7 PM2SandstormSafe Sets
7 PM3Granny Shot 2.0No Diggity

Sunday, June 24th (Welcome Night)

Team Standings (updated July 25th)
TeamRankingSets (Won - Lost)Games (Won - Lost)
Granny Shot 2.0110 - 05 - 0
No Diggity27 - 34 - 1
Sandstorm34 - 62 - 3
The M&M Show44 - 61 - 4
Safe Sets53 - 71 - 4
Sets on the Beach62 - 82 - 3

Drop-in anytime after 6PM to pay any outstanding fees, ask questions, get to know the teams and play on the courts.
Team Name Captain
The M&M Show Madi Masterson
Sets on the Beach Tianna Smith
Sandstorm Carley Holt
Safe Sets Tara Freeman
Granny Shot 2.0 Bailey Wilson
No Diggity Vivian Wu
JK Jae-Lyn Visscher
tbd TBD