Garneau Beach Volleyball will follow the rules and regulations outlined in the FIVB Official Beach Volleyball Rules. Games are self-officiated but teams may request for a referee (staff or spectating team).

Player Behavior & Responsibility

Players are always encouraged to show good sportsmanship.
Players must refrain from intentionally trying to distract an opponent who is playing or about to play the ball.
Players may not commit any act which delays the game unnecessarily.
Players must be on the court for the scheduled start of the match.

League players (playing early games) may be asked to assist in putting up the nets, 
League players (playing late games) may be asked to assist with taking down the nets.
Players must call their own infractions. (i.e. net violations, carries, open hand tips, etc.)
Team captains are required to ensure that the score sheet is completed after every game; failure to do so shall result in a default.
The league WILL NOT tolerate any racism or derogatory remarks concerning race, religion or creed. Our league is one built on sportsmanship and co-operation. Thus any acts of racism or activity in that manner shall be severely dealt with in the following manner:

1st offence - the player directly involved in the causation of such remarks or activity shall be swiftly removed from the league, and reinstatement for the following season shall be under review

2nd offence - the entire team, if unable to control these tendencies of one or more players on said team, will be swiftly removed from the league, and shall never be permitted to participate in events held by the Garneau Tennis and Beach Volleyball Club

League Coordinator Responsibility

The coordinator has absolute authority over players, officials and spectators on and off the court and may penalize players if necessary.
The coordinator may cancel or change the format of the tournament or league if conditions warrant (i.e. shorten game time or cancelling games due to weather or daylight).
The coordinator has the authority to settle any and all disputes.
The coordinator is responsible for timing all matches when necessary.
The coordinator is responsible for updating the online schedule a minimum of 4 days prior to the league night. 
The coordinator may remove a team from the league due to violation of the league rules.

Specific League Rules

Players per Team
Teams may have additional players on their roster and can add players at any time.
New players must be added to the roster prior to game time.
Players must be on the roster and have played at least 3 league nights to compete in playoffs.
2’s leagues must have 2 players on the court at all times. For substitution purposes, one player from the previous game must remain on the court.

Teams must be present at the scheduled start time. Due to the tight schedule, if a team does not have the minimum number of player at the start of the match a default will be given for that game. Prior to assessing a default for all games that day the league coordinator will wait a maximum of 10 minutes to allowed late players to show up, this is up to the discretion of the coordinator. 
Other league members are allowed to substitute for a missing player. 
If a team does not show up for league play, they will automatically default all matches scheduled for that particular night of play.

Forfeit Deposit
All teams are required to pay a forfeit deposit at the beginning of the season.  Each game a team forfeits due to insufficent players a portion of the team's forfeit fee will go to the team that was forfeited against.  A team that forfeits 3 nights throughout the season will result in removal from the league with no refund of league fees. The deposit money collected from a forfeit will be paid to the team that was forfeit against.  Teams will receive their remaining deposit money back at the season end playoffs.

The league coordinator will decide if the league night is to be cancelled no earlier than 4:00pm (for 6:00 start) or 6:00pm (for 8:00 start) on the day of the games. The coordinator will update the online schedule and volleyball voice message to reflect the cancellation. All Players must show up for league night, unless informed otherwise. If the weather is questionable, a group decision will be made to continue playing, or not, and what format to use. It is the captains responsibility to check the status of that days games. All attempts will be made to reschedule make up games on another evening.

Rally point scoring is in effect. All games are played to 25 with a maximum of 25 minutes for each game (ties allowed). Teams should SWITCH SIDES every 10 points.

Teams not playing will act as scorekeeper's and record the results on the score sheet provided. If a dispute over faults occurs the scorekeeping team will be asked to provide ruling. If time expires in the middle of a game, the combined score must be 8 or greater in order for it to count for scoring purposes. Points will be awarded as follows; 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss. This league is played in a Round Robin format. The points that your team accumulates over the season will determine your position for playoffs.

A. Net Play

1. You may go completely under the net into your opponent's court to play a ball as long as there is no interference with the opponent.

2. A ball can be played back to one’s side of the net if it has crossed over the net, under the net, or outside the antenna as long as a team has one or more contacts left and the ball is played back under the net or outside the antenna.

3. If the serve touches the net while going over it is still in play. If a serve touches the net and lands in, a point will be awarded to the team that just served.

B. Playing the Ball

1. Open hand tipping is not allowed. Ball must be hit with the knuckles or cleanly hit off the hand.

2. When digging a hard-driven spike it can be double-hit and momentarily lifted. Open hand digs are okay.

3. Players cannot set the first contact over the net. This means you cannot set the ball on a serve receive or on a free ball played over the net during rally.

4. With the exception of the hard-driven spike or block, you can never double-hit the first contact (the serve is never considered a hard-driven spike regardless of its velocity).

5. A touch on the block will count as one of the three contacts allowed per team.

6. A ball can be played with all parts of the body.

7. When using a setting motion to send the ball into the opponent's court it must be released in the direction in which the shoulders of the player are facing either front or back.

8. The server must clearly release or toss the ball before contacting it for serve.

9. A player may only have one toss per serve attempt.

10. It is illegal to move the court boundaries during the serving motion, even if the movement is caused by sand.

11. The server’s teammate must not prevent the opponents, through screening, from seeing the server or the path of the ball. On an opponent’s request, a player must move sideways, bend over or bend down.

C. Coed Reverse 2's

1. A 3-meter attack line is drawn in the sand starting each match (and should be maintained throughout the match).

2. Men can only jump attack from behind the 3-meter attack line and are not allowed to block.

3. Men must contact the ball below the height of the net if playing the ball in-front of the attack line.

4. Women can hit from anywhere and women are permitted to block at the net.

5. Games are played on a womens height net.

6. Men are not allowed to jump serve.